Why You Need to Take Another Look at Wi-Fi Security

Despite the reality that Wi-Fi networks are most enterprises' primary tool for supporting users, devices and critical business applications, few companies do much to secure them beyond simple access control. With Wi-Fi attacks becoming more sophisticated and prevalent, organizations need to rethink their approach to planning, managing and deploying Wi-Fi network access security.

Wrapping Financial Services in a Security Blanket: How the Fortinet Security Fabric enhances the security of Financial Services organizations.

The Enterprise security market has grown extremely complicated over the past decade. This complexity is being compounded as the business of Financial Services moves from person-to-person transactions to automated high-speed machine-to-machine operations and workflows. We originally designed security systems that protect people from other people - vaults, teller cages, guards, armored cars, alarms, and security cameras. These tools allowed us to trust people as business partners. This has all changed. ...